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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  February 1, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EST

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snow is falling in parts of the d.c. region and has already prompted some schools to take action. >> a tense hostage situation involving a 5-year-old boy enters its fourth day. an update on where things stand at this hour as fox 5 morning news continues. ontinues. good morning.
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it is friday, february 1st, 2013. good morning. i'm sarah simmons i'm wisdom martin. >> we have some school delays to pass along to you because of what is going on in the weather world. we begin in virginia, clark, page and warren county schools or a two hour delay. frederick county, virginia schools are also on a two hour delay. a two hour delay is also in effect of course for winchester city schools. >> in maryland, allegheny, schools are on a two hour delays. delays. here they come. the snow is coming diewnd the delays come right behind it. >> not going to be a major storm by any means. worst case scenario, maybe an inch. -- the snow is coming down and the delays come right behind it. >> it will be out of here by 8:00, 9:00 this morning. so end for another hour or two before it gets east of the bay.
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there you go. you can see in the live shot, i don't know where we're looking but light snow falling across much of the region. this is uke on hill. and we'll continue to do so here. i think the major thorough fares -- we'll let julie talk about thask but the highways won't have an issue. the snow is falling lightly. you-- we'll let julie talk about that. locally, inside the beltway, if you are a viewer and it is starting to stick, let me know. i haven't had any reports of it sticking close to town yet. but potential we could get a dusting, coating, up to an in. of snow will be the worst case scenario. most of your day will feature partial sunshine, cold and wind. our highs will only be in the mid-30s. currently, reagan national, 33 degrees. we lost two degree in the past 10 minutes. dulles, 31. bwi marshall, 30. most of the area or much of the area below freezing and we've
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got a winter weather advisory because we've got light snow falling across the area. this is in effect until 10:00 this morning. those counties in purple. so the close-in counties and you get across the bay, eastern shore, lower eastern shore under a winter weather advisory until 10:00 a.m. worst case scenario, up to an inch of snow. that would be about it. let me mention the winds. they will pick up again gusting to 25. it will be a blustery cold afternoon even with sunshine. make sure you have lots of layers if you are working outdoors, that kind of thing. >> time now to check in with julie wright to see how the light snow is affecting the morning commute. >> let's not forget about the standing water. we still have a lot of flooding to deal w one person has been rescued out near the prince george's county line near earl sullivan road. apparently the driver saw the signs, decided to drive around them and had to be rescued. inbound new york avenue, right now, lanes are open.
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no issues reported heaving northeast to northwest. yes, the flurries are starting to fall. i don't see anything on the ground just yet close in here at d.c. and headed out of virginia headed out to the 14th street bridge but make note the bridges, ramps and overpasses freeze before anything else. southbound 270 already on the slow side leaving hyattstown headed out towards clarksburg. let's pop up the maps for you. as you are traveling eastbound on the freeway, achange in our traffic patterns, all part of the long-term construction project here at the 11th street bridge. you will be denied access to head outbound across the sousa bridge. all traffic will be diverted onto 295. eastbound on the freeway with very light delay. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. traffic. >> thank you. a check of this morning's top stories now. a driver involved in a hit and run that left a map dead is wanted by prince william county
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police. 59-year-old joseph lions was struck yesterday morning on woodland drive near his house in triangle. he later died at the hospital. a decision on whether or not the trial of a former culpeper police officer was a mistrial is expected this morning. daniel harmon wright was convicted of killing an unarmed woman back in february of last year. his attorneys claimed jurors useed a dictionary to help them define the word malice. they say that shows jurors were confused about instruction that were given to them. to them. a still developing story out of alabama. for a fourth day now, hostage negotiators near midland city are trying to get a suspected gunman to release a five-year- old boy. he was snatched off a school bus tuesday afternoon. neighbors say the child is being held by 65-year-old jimmy look dikes in an underground bunger on his property. investigators are community indicating with him through a ventilation pipe. members of community have been holding vigils and church services hoping for a positive outcome.
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>> trying to bring the community together in one purpose and that is to pray for the safety and protection of this young child and for the safe release to get him back to his family as quick as possible. >> he needs to be back with his family. if i could go over and get him, i would go get him. >> the boy's parents have stayed out of the spotlight but did meet with city leaders about the order e. the child's mother says her son has asperger's syndrome as well as adhd. police have been delivering medication to him through the pipe and said they can hear him crying for his parents. hillary clinton is stepping down ads secretary of state today and as she leaves, she says that equality for women worldwide is essential to u.s. foreign policy. show told an audience at the council on foreign relations that, quote, if women were treated equal to men, would he would see progress everywhere. clinton also warned about iran's influence in syria. her successor, senator john
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kerry will be sworn in as secretary of state in a private ceremony this afternoon. president obama's choice to head the defense department was forced to defend his past statements. chuck hagel struggled to reassure senators he is up to the job and not soft on iran. testimony in the senate armed services committee lasted eight hours. it is not clear for republicans will try to block his nomination. super bowl xlvii is just two days away. >> can't get here soon enough. both teams warmed up for a second day on thursday. ravens head coach john harbaugh decided to move practice indoors to the saint facility after reports from the players that the field at tulane university was a little hard. they wasted no time getting to work after the 49ers finished their practice. we'll be talking a lot more about the big game and the big match-up coming up at 6:30 when dave ross joins me for the morning line. also coming up, still thinking about making a trip to the big easy. why waiting until the last minute might work in your
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favor. >> next, a tense situation for a plane full of passengers when the pilot passes out. a check of this morning's national headlines coming up after the break. lucky charms?!
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a scare on board appear alaska airlines flight last night after the pilot apparently passed out midair. the plane headed from los angeles to seattle was diverted to portland, oregon. the first officer took over and safely landed the plane. the pilot was taken to a hospital and it is still unclear what caused him to lose consciousness. panicked worker ran from the headquarters after mexico caps state oil company after a blast tore through three floors. 25 are dead and more than 100 are hurt. at least 30 are still missing. investigators don't know what caused the blast. the country is remembering a national tragedy today. ten years ago, the space shuttle columbia broke apart in
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the skies over texas as it prepared to land at kennedy space center after 16 days in space. all seven crew members died. there will be a wreath laying ceremony to honor the victims at kennedy space center later on today. hard to believe it has been 10 years. a little super bowl trivia for you this morning. >> is who the he would oft football player to play in a super bowl -- who is the oldest football player to play in a super bowl? we'll have that after the break.
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welcome back to fox 5 morning news. time now for the answer to our super bowl trivia question. before the break, we asked you who was the oldest football player to play in the super bowl. the answer is matt stover. the colts kicker took the field against the saints in 2010 at the age of 42. >> you knew that, didn't you? >> locally, matt stover is much more famous for being the
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ravens kicker for more than a decade. his last year or two, he went to indianapolis. i guess he decided he had to win a super bowl before he retired. >> i love how we stopped giving multiple choice questions. >> i think we got a hundred responses on the first one. >> did we get any on that on the facebook page? >> i didn't check. >> we have snow falling across the area. this is not going to be a big deal t could be enough to coat the roadways -- it could be enough to coat the roadways. in the mountain communities, we are agetting reports of snow on the ground and a coating out there. it continues to fall across the area. we wouldn't expect major delays but it could cause a couple of issues as it moves on through. there is a live look and snow will continue to foul for a few more showers. i think most of this should be east of the bay. so if you are east of the bay, it will linger a little longer for you. i think this will wind down very quickly. we are getting the back edge of this out towards winchester and
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hagerstown where the snow showers have stopped. you can see inside the beltway, baltimore, washington, we are getting right snow. lawyerle working down south down towards dale city and la plata. a few of our took followers have reported they are getting a bit of a mix. if you are far enough south and south of colonial beach, you may get more of a mix. light accumulations, maybe a dusting, maybe a coating. worst case newsradio would be maybe about an inch of snow. we'll show you the winter weather advisory. it has been issued by the national weather service until 10:00 this morning. all the counties in purple here. so in close, the issue is the morning commute and we're talking about the potential for up to an inch. snow. that is give you the heads up that it is snowing out and you might have a couple of weather issues this morning.
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most the area has fallen below freezing. 32 in annapolis. quantico, 30 degrees. even though it was 70 a few days ago, it has gotten cold enough overnight that any snow that does fall, it will get a chance to stick out here with the temperatures this cold. do be -- definitely be wary of a couple of slick spots. snow will be out of here by 8:00, 9:00 this morning. should see plenty of sunshine this afternoon. early snow showers, afternoon sun and wind, wind north and west gusting to 25. accumulations, worst case scenario up to an inch. there is your accu-weather seven-day forecast featuring punxsutawney phil. yes, the main man. tomorrow is groundhog day. don't forget. i don't know what happens if he sees his shadow. julie knows. she goes to florida either way. more snow showers saturday
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night, early sunday. could do another round of light accumulations. that is weather. let's do some traffic and find out what is going on. >> what if i have beagle bailey chase him around and he doesn't get to see his shadow? then what? anything to get closer to summer, tucker. this height dusting that tucker is talking about definitely seeing that in our traffic cameras for those traveling out of frederick this morning. starting to see the ground starting to get a little light dusting here on the grassy areas. wet pavement for those continuing southbound headed out towards clarksburg. no accidents to report stay time but something to watch out for. if you haven't already, make sure you have plenty of wiper fluid for this morning's drive. we do have reports of snow flurries out in fauquier county so watch your speeds there as well. no issues reported on the beltway between annandale and merrifield. northbound i-95 slows approaching quantico and leaving dale city headed
6:20 am
through woodbridge. let's pop up the map. we'll talk about the construction, the long-term project already in place eastbound on the freeway. no longer can you travel over to the sousa bridge. because of the construction, all traffic off the eastbound freeway will be forced onto 295 and you will now find access from # 9 -- from 295 to go north or southbound. we are following breaking news from new york city right now. the associated press reports that ed koch has died. he had been in intensive care since wednesday. koch had a national reputation for being feisty and pulled new york out of financial difficulties back in the 1980s. he was 88 years old. a bilk considered at the state house in richmond comes up for a hearing later today.
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now, police can end give a ticket for texting while driving if they pull you over for something else. the general assembly is facing a tuesday deadline to pass the new bills. coming up next, we'll go live to fox business network in new york for a preview of today's jobs report. >> take a look at this determined fourth grader. 9-year-old nicholas tuch hek is getting ready to run a marathon. he plans to be the youngest person to run a marathon on each of the seven continents. >> ambitious 9-year-old. >> good luck to you sandwich on your terms with any of dunkin's freshly made bakery sandwiches for just $2.99. america runs on dunkin'.
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it just breaks your heart. when we asked the biggest oil companies to help families in need, only citgo, the people of venezuela, and president hugo chavez responded. thanks to them, citizens energy is able to deliver millions of gallons of fuel to families just like the berios. i'm joe kennedy. if you need help staying warm, call me at 1-877-joe-4-oil. because no one should be left out in the cold! nope, no. sorry, love to but can't. i'm sorry, she's very busy. enjoy the rich taste of dunkin' mocha lattes and coffees. now in dark chocolate. indulge in one today. america runs on dunkin'. welcome back. a new outlook on the economy today and it is not too late to buy a ticket to sunday's big game either. lauren similar is nettie with fox business network is live in
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new york with the business beat. >> good morning. >> a donor day yesterday on the markets but overall, how did we do this month on wall street. >> it was the best january, best start to the year for stocks since 1994 for the dow and 1997 for the s&p. the dow surged more than 507 points this month. we are still talking about dow 14,000. we did have a setback yesterday off just about 50 points for the include chips but this morning, they are up 50 points as we wait for the january jobs reported. >> all right. everybody is talking about that. it is like the only thing going on this weekend. they were so expensive and traditionally are but apparently we can sort of get a bargain on the super bowl tickets. >> the highest super bowl was more than $3600 in 2011. that was packers versus steeleers. for ticket price, we thought we might have come close this year but not the case.
6:26 am
ticket prices are about $1,000 less than that at $2600. the folks there say those prices are probably going even lower. between now and the next 36 hours, you can see prices for $1,000 or maybe even less. no one wants to hold tickets with a face value after the least $800 heading into the big game. they will sell them. so if you can get a flight or a hotel, you can get a deal on super bowl tickets. >> right. i like the air quotes, a deal. because a deal is not necessarily a deal for you and me. maybe somebody else but there are people that will pay it. exciting times out there. thank you so much. we'll see you on monday. >> see you. the d.c. mayoral race is still morning a year away but one councilmember is making it clear he is ready to lcity in t we'll hear from tommy wells coming up after the break. wisdom and dave are back with the super bowl edition of the morning line when we come back. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios
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look at it come down right now. we've got snowflakes flying in areas right now in the d.c. region. we have several school delays to pass along to you. we begin in virginia. virginia. >> those are the usual suspects because they are in the outlying area. they are also on the bottom of your screen and on if you don't catch them there.
6:31 am
>> continuing to snow out there. we just showed a live shot. it was coming down pretty good. worst case scenario, a coating up to an inch of snow. this won't be a major deal. temperatures have gotten cold overnight with most of the area below freezing. it will get a chance to stick on the roadways. getting reports out to the west particularly out in the mount tapes like winchester, of it coating lots of roadways out there. most of your day will feature sunshine, wind and cold. that is the second half of the day. we are still dealing with cold early this morning. you can see that much of the area here generally east of the mountains still getting some at least light snow shower activity. here in northwest washington, it is snowing. but it is very, very light. and it will continue to fall here for the near term. i think by 8:00, 9:00 this morning, most of this should be east of the day. if you are a viewer along the lower eastern shore, it will stick around a little longer
6:32 am
for you. this is actually along a frontal boundary. 34 at reagan national. it is cold out there. 20s at dulles. 28degrees at bwi marshall. when temperature are falling back no the 20s, it will stick very quickly. winter weather advisory until 10:00 a.m. all the counties in purple. many of us here are under the winter weather advisory for the next couple of hours. the concern is the morning commute with the potential for up to an inch of snow. temperatures will reach the 30s for daytime highs. you want to stay tuned for that coming up in a few minutes. >> sounds good. >> time now to check in with traffic and julie wright. >> on-time traffic brought to you by toyota. visit boy a for special offers -- visit buy a for special offers.
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>> we have snow on the less traveled portions of the area. we have callers reporting a light dusting of snow on the ramps. the bridges, ramps and overpasses freeze before anything else. they are starting to get a little slick out there on the highways. traveling the top side of the beltway at colesville road, traffic rolling at speed. no issues reported leaving college park headed over to the exit for 270. northbound i-59 in good shape. no problems reported newington continuing up towards the capital beltway. let's pull up our maps. traveling northbound on 210, we had accident activity before the beltway tying up the right side of road and a change in our traffic pattern. traffic coming easter bunny on the freeway can go no further than 295 be. traffic coming eastbound on the freeway can go no further than 295. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. traffic. checking our top stories this morning, the fairfax
6:34 am
county serial fondler may have struck again. police are looking into two new assaults in the springfield area to see if they are connected to 15 similar cases. one happened on backlick road near cabin john rod and one on dinwiddy street. the evacuation order in laurel, maryland has been lifted. wednesday night's heavy rain caused the patuxent river to rise about eight feet heighter than normal. some homeless people living in the park in nearby anne arundel county were forced to relocation. full a one woman was found dead in the flood water. the d.c. mayoral race may be more than a year away. one city councilmember already has his eye on campaigning for the seat. last night, ward six councilmember tommy wells talked about it right here in our fox 5 studios. lauren demarco is live outside the wilson building this morning with more on the story. look like you will talk about more like snow rather than politics, lauren. good morning. >> i can give you the quick
6:35 am
update. it is not sticking but it is certainly flurrying out here right now. as you said, tommy wells is expected to meet with an exploratory committee on monday to talk about a possible run for mayor. he is the councilman from ward six. just a little bit of background. he served as a social worker in d.c. since the 1980s he also served as an advisory neighborhood commissioner and in his early days on the school board, tommy wells was known for pushing to have all d.c. students immunized. as a councilman, he out for to clean up the anacostia river with a bag tax and most recently, wells announced he would call for hearings to look into allegations that d.c. police were not investigating sexual assaults properly. now, ward six has had some high profile crimes lately including the beating and robbery of young husband and father t. c. maslin. but wells says that overall, crime in his area is down. >> you have aa worked hard as
6:36 am
many people know creating livable walkable neighborhoods, neighborhoods where you can have a neighborhood school, fresh groceries where we've ad added about five new grocery stores in ward six and all, we've had a spike in crime but in general, the ward has had the greatest amount of drop in crime of almost any ward in the city. >> reporter: some other names being tossed about as possible contenders, jack jack evans and muriel bowser. no word if mayor gray plans to run for mayor. councilmember tommery wells from ward six will be meeting with an exploratory committee on monday. that is the latest here from the will sop building with some flurries. back to you guys in the studio. >> thank you for the snow report as well. a new report on president obama's race to the top effort to improve public schools. it shows nine of the 12 jurisdiction that got $4
6:37 am
million if federal grants made good progress but the district of columbia and maryland are among three that have stumbled. education secretary arne duncan says the new report has i lot of good news but also some challenges. the education department is closely tracking the performance of the 12 states that got the money. he money. time now for the morning line. >> what do you know about the music. we'll get to your tie in highlighter in a moment. you might actually make a prediction because it is two days to greatness. that is what they're saying in san francisco and baltimore. only one of those will be right. the boys switched their practice menu yesterday. they said they were worried about the field. it has been hard for these guys to stay focused. the deer antler spray, brother
6:38 am
versus brother. all that stuff. do you think they are focused like terrell suggs right there. >> this is the end. without a shadow of the doubt, this is the en. >> it could be the end of the caps if we don't get back on track. joe ward has been great. his fourth goal of the year put the caps up 1-0 and ovechkin on the power play. 2-1. we've seen this song and dance before where we're up and all of a today is it is tied and a bad turnover and that leads to an easy goal to toronto. had a last-second shot. watch this. under 10 seconds to go. the drop back pass and great 8, oh, net. but he is denied. they are now 1-5-16789 only team in the eastern conference with only one win. the only team. >> i still have faith.
6:39 am
there is still time. >> before we goat to the super bowl pick. , in sports, there are certain numbers that mean something. like 100 point for wilt chamberlain. 59 in golf is a number. only five guys have done it in the modern era. shooting a 59. phil mickelson had a chaps yesterday. this is for birdie on his last hole of date to shoot a 59 at the find six -- at the phoenix open in the first hound round andres got to be kidding me. he is great but never like this. the greatest, right off the rim. want you to see the reaction of his caddy. watch him in the top left. it is going in. down to the ground on his knees. still shot a 60. pretty good. >> let's get to it. break down the game scientifically. after he got one minute and i want you to take at least 30 seconds of that to give me a winner and an mvp.
6:40 am
>> thank you stop talking, i can get to it. >> what do you have with your red tie and red highlight engineer i have broken down the game into categories. got my notes here. >> food, drink, what else? >> hot rings are red. the wings that i'm going to eat are red. i'll just put that out there. push on the quarterback. defense, 49ers have the advantage. coach, push, because of brothers. i like the baltimore harbaugh better because of his personality. >> going with baltimore. having said all that. >> tucker barnes is waiting for your pick. >> none of that matters. the first ever overtime super bowl 28-28 tie.
6:41 am
>> oh, come on. >> it is going to go into overtime. >> i'm walking off the set once again. >> the win are the san francisco 49ers. they will win the super bowl. >> i was about to tell you winner. >> we're out of time now. sarah, back to you. >> : don't leave yet because we've got some more trivia for you. >> more trivia? >> don't give it away. it is for everybody out there. here is the question. which quarterback has the most super bowl starts. here is a hint. two players share the record and one still plays the game today. we'll have the answer coming up after the break. e break. put your thinking cap on. car. where would we even start? get the car. hi howard. get in.
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...more grains. less you! multigrain cheerios in multi-grain cheerios peanut butter. thank goodness we're back from break. too many men talking in
6:45 am
studio this morning. the answer to this question is a tie. john elway with the broncos and tom brady with the patriots share the record with five each. >> wisdom got onelway during the break i don't i don't care about tom brady. he is too good looking. he's got an easy life. who cares. >> he does his stuff. >> he pulls it out of the archives. >> he is not good at predicting the outcomes of games. >> what do you mean into. >> enough of that. >> we're out of time. >> we have to move onto weather. >> i would tell you but all right. okay. >> i want to mention northwest washington, we are getting a little burst of some pretty good snow. julie and i went you out to the to play in it a moment ago. just in a matter of a minute or two, snow continues to coat the ground. worst case scenario, about an in. most of the area, maybe a coating. that is about t cold and windy here later this afternoon.
6:46 am
enough to cause some issues on some of the roadways particularly with that little burst of snow we just got. let's get to radar. we'll show you what is happening. snow continues to fall across the area. we go to the magic of the radar, we take a look at what is happening out there. okay. clearly, we're having some issues. >> there we go. >> what else is you? there you go. the snow continues to fall. we are sort of on the back side of it. you can see it quickly pushing off to the east. worst it was should be through here shortly. that is sort of back edge of. it we are still getting a couple flurries out in the mountains. our friends out in winchester, martinsburg, reporting enough to cover the ground. we have aseep some traffic cameras where we've gotten some snow there. there will likely be some issues over the next hour or so. temperature have been falling. that is a player in the forecast here. most of the area with the exception of our friends for
6:47 am
the south in fredericksburg and leonardtown are below freezing. so what falls out there will get a chance to stick on the roadways. even a dusting can cause some issues. it could k. create some slick spots for you. futurecast, there we are at 6:00 a.m. watch what happens at 8:00 a.m. still get some light snow showers. it is out of here by 11:00 as it pushes to the cease. sunshine, wind and cold this afternoon with high temperatures only in the mid- 30s. if you are working outdoors, going to be outdoors for a long walk with the dog, that kind of thing, lots of layers. it is going to feel like january even though it is february 1st today. 35 today. early snow showers, sun and wind this afternoon. accumulations up to an in. most will get less than that. maybe a coating, maybe up to a half inch. north and west gusting to 25 miles per hour. cold tonight, 23 the overnight low. clear and cold. we have a little bit of a snowpack there. these temperatures will fall off tomorrow. tomorrow, groundhog's day.
6:48 am
we could get late day snow again tomorrow night and early sunday. that could give us some light accumulation. that will be another clipper system and into early next week, it stays a little unsettled each day. we get a chance of a few snow showers or snow flurries. the pattern a little bit active for the next couple of days. >> thank you, mr. barnes. we are joined by dave ross for this edition of ask tope and tucker which is what it is time for. i kind of backed into that one. >> this is our next to last chance to talk football which we've been doing during the break. we have today and then monday, the day after the super bowl. we are squeezing in another football question. this is the segment tucker and
6:49 am
i, blah, blah, blah. who is running in. >> bring the prompter back. whoever is running, it leave it alone. who is doing this? >> the not me doing it. >> okay. this question comes from deanna williams. she ans, i know the super bowl venues are set up ahead of time but has there been a time when a tomorrow won their division and laid at their home stadium. would way -- what would the nfl do. one, it has never happened. we've never hay team who won the afc or nfc represent their conference in their home state. >> i feel like the 49ers played at stanford. >> yes, pasadena. they are always predetermined. they would not change the venue.
6:50 am
if it was new orleans this year, they would have played in the new orleans super dome. tickets are allocated equally t wouldn't be like a home field advantage per se other than they play eight game a year at that place. >> in any given year, the tickets are allocated equally as you said but sometimes, some years, it depends on fans selling their tickets. for example, the redskins' first super bowl win in '83 out in california -- was that pasadena? >> i don't think it was pasadena. where was it? wherever it was. i remember the announcer at one point saying this is like rfk west because so many redskin fans were out there and it made it kind of feel like home field. >> i've been reading for this particular super bowl, the ravens fans are outbuying the 49ers fans 2-1. >> that would be your home field advantage right there. next year, super bowl is in new
6:51 am
york city. and i heard a couple of giants chirping that they were they would like to be the first team to actually do this and play in met life stadium in new york city. it could happen. >> it could happen. >> a couple of years ago, when the cowboys first opened up their new stadium, that was the big hope that jerry jones had. and at the beginning of the season, there was some reason to believe they might be able to do this. the hopes came crashing down, of course. >> the hosting team gets some of the tickets, right, so they would -- that's correct. are you talking about the host city, like new orleans. >> the new orleans team gets some of the tickets. >> everybody gets some. >> we know the redskins are actually down there right now. london fletcher is down there right now. >> you do have a couple of those scenarios. but i think it will happen in our lifetime. i think it is bound to happen sometime. but some of the places like pasadena at the rose bowl, they don't have pro teams so not all of the venues actually have teams. >> are you going to give your
6:52 am
prediction real quick? >> yeah. unlike wisdom, i will give a prediction and i'm in the just saying this because i want this to happen. first of all, i like both teams. i think they are both very good. it has the possibility to be a real good game. i think the baltimore ravens win 27-20. >> tucker barnes. >> okay, real quick. i want to thank defend for once again picking against the ravens because that assures a super bowl victory for my team. yes, i love t ravens 23, 49ers 17. it will be a very close game. >> i've got 27-20 san francisco. >> i'm actually rooting for baltimore. i just think san francisco is the better team in my humble opinion. >> so were the patriots and broncos. >> that is i good point. >> brenda rector wrote any football question the other day and we are thinking she must be a dallas fan based on the question. >> yeah. >> she wrote in. she is a dallas fan. >> you could just tell by the
6:53 am
tone. >> yes, you could. >> if you have a question you want answered, go to and click on the weather tab. >> the next question i think tomorrow is why doesn't wisdom ever make a prediction. >> what is up with wisdom. >> before we go to julie, we have a picture of julie and i playing out in the snow. moments ago. >> both of you doing your best model pose. >> i don't know what is fog on with that picture. >> i'm going why the heck am i out here. >> julie looks okay with that. today in new york is really scary. >> that is my victoria's secret, i'm thin, haven't eaten anything. that is that look and i'm cold. eastbound on the freeway, let's get to the construction. change in the traffic pattern here now. traffic diverted on to the eastbound freeway. from there you can go north or south. all part of the 11th street bridge project. snow is falling and we just showed you here in northwest washington we are starting to see some accumulations of that
6:54 am
on the grassy areas and here is the live shot coming south off of 270678 the roadways for the most part look wet but those grassy areas, those ramps and overpasses, the areas less traveled, starting to so a light coating of snow. watch your speed s as start to get slick out her on the highway. colesville road as it crosses over 270, starting to see the light accumulation of snow on the left and right side. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. e traffic. >> thank you. ahead at 7:00, it is not ideal golfing weather but that is not stopping thousands of people from getting ready to hit the green. >> the washington golf show is back and our holly morris takes us on a trip back in time with a look at how the game has changed over the years. a preview is coming up next. [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents are awesome.
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pillsbury toaster strudel. if beethoven made breakfast. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. i'm holly morris. happy friday. i'll give you a few seconds to figure out what i'm talking about this morning. did the golf clubs give it
6:58 am
away? we're live at dulles expo center. it's in it's 17th year. some 10,000 people come out to take part in this show. 100 vendors with all the latest, greatest everything in terms of game. and this morning we're going to get a wonderful preview. we'll find out about some of the gadgets and we have a long ball champion coming out, trick shooter coming out. they have a replica of one of the most famous holes here from sawgrass. plus, today marks the start of black history month. there is a local man who wrote a book called "for forbiden fairways." time to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day. she is a fan of ours and also of the ravens. we're going to show her pick
6:59 am
here. there it is. should have on a ravens hat or purple or something. >> good morning, janet. >> we wish you good luck in the super bowl sunday for your team. >> a lot of people around here will be rooting for the ravens. >> that's right. >> that does it for the 6:00 hour. >> now over to tony and allison to take us the rest of the day. super bowl predictions again? i'm going to tell you who is going to win this time. >> there's not enough time in this show for him to get to his predictions. >> go out on a limb. it will be freeing for you. oh, boy. coming up now on fox 5 morning news, more winter weather. >> yep. tucker and julie are tracking the impact on the roads and we have the latest list of, believe it or not, school delays. >> breaking news from overseas. an explosion outside the u.s. embassy in turkey. reports of deaths and injuries. we'll bring you the latest. >> and a new face in the race for d.c. mayor? the next election is more than


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